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How to add Apollo catalog to new Portal instance

by Technical Evangelist ‎05-04-2017 09:07 AM - edited ‎10-14-2020 08:40 AM (877 Views)

[1] Create new geospatial portal instance from Apollo admin console http://<APOLLO>/AdminConsole

[2] Configure this new portal instance.
from "Starting Configuration" tab, change defaul Layout to "ApolloPro.aspx"
from "Map Services" tab, choose "ERDAS APOLLO" from map service type, and change the default "APOLLO Catalog" from "" to your own server (e.g., http://<Apolloservername>)
Click Apply.

[3] From new portal http://<APOLLO>/newportal, go to Data source->New data source.
find ERDAS APOLLO, the newly defined Apollo catalog should be listed there.
Click the APOLLO Catalog, and then click "Register"

Image 3.jpg


[4] Now you can login to Apollo catalog under Authentication tab, and browse content from Apollo catalog.


NOTE: the Apollo-catalog will be lost for new browser session, so user need to register Apollo-catalog again (highlight the Apollo-Catealog URL and click Register).
A workaround will be creating new workspace in portal (Tools->user map).

Login to Apollo portal with the user role that you want to save this credentials to new workspace, Navigate to your prefered location, and choose Add Map->From map). Make sure to check "Public".


NOTE: don't use Portal adminConsole->Client Configuration->Maps & Workspaces for this, because Apollo catalog user's credential will not be used at all.                  



Also when add map to workspace, make sure to check "save credentials of connected data sources"



Click on "Link", and copy the workspace ID.

Image 4.jpg


Then go to Admin console http://<APOLLO>/AdminConsole, click configuration->Starting Configuration, and click "Advanced Options", paste new workspace ID there. Click Apply.

Image 5.jpg