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How to create raster style for individual dataset for Apollo advantage/Professional

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-01-2020 12:41 PM (142 Views)

By default Apollo Advantage/Professional doesn't allow user to define rastser style for individual crawled raster dataset in the catalog.


User can only right-click on aggregate to choose "Edit Raster Style", and define raster style for the whole aggregate. User can not edit raster style for individual dataset.



If user want to have different styles for dataset level, user need to use Apollo essential.


User need to first configure Apollo adv/pro WMS using Core WMS instead of legacy WMS, so that any style defined in Apollo essential will be automatically used in Apollo adv/pro.





Then user can use Apollo Essential/core Console to define styles for individual dataset within APOLLO-Catalog service. Later in Apollo data manger, the style defined in Apollo essential will be applied and hornored.


See the following screen copy, the Hill Shaded style defined in Apollo Essential is used in Apollo data manager.