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How to extend TileMatrixSet for Apollo essential GeoServices

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-12-2020 02:17 PM (32 Views)

If user want to have a configuration that has tiling beyond level 19 (e.g., down to level 25), user can customize esriTileMatrixSetsInfo.xml configuration. Assume user has such image with high enough resolution to support this level of detail.


APOLLO GeoServices generates tiles on demand so any zoom level can be advertised even if the output images are below native resolution. You can create a custom tilematrix similar to WMTS by modifying C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS APOLLO\config\esriTileMatrixSetsInfo.xml.

Create a new entry, you can use the WMTS definitions (wmtsTileMatrixSetsInfo.xml) as a guide. The following new tilematrix configuration "ESRICompatibleExt" included 26 levels, but if user want 23 just multiply the "MaxResWorldPixelSize" value by 3 times.



<TileMatrixSet ID="ESRICompatibleExt" Alias ="">
 <!--Demonstrate the use of power of 2 pyramid and world pixel size on max resolution level and total number of levels to specify a scale set.-->
 <ScaleSet CoordRefSys="epsg:3857">
 <Pyramid MaxResWorldPixelSize="4.665345964671E-03" TotalLevels="26"/>



After adding new entry to esriTileMatrixSetsInfo.xml, user need to recycle "ERDAS APOLLO Essential" application pool. Now the new TileMatrixSet "ESRICompatibleExt" should be populated for GeoServices:



User can click "GeoServices" and go to "http://localhost/erdas-iws/esri/rest/services/", find the specific layer, and check the Level ID from Map Info:



NOTE: Unlike WMTS, Geoservices only supports one tilematrix so if you need more than one you must duplicate the layer.