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How to upgrade from Apollo essential to Apollo adv/pro while keep existing Database

by Technical Evangelist on ‎06-25-2020 10:31 AM (187 Views)

For example user want to upgrade their Apollo essential 16.6 to Apollo adv/pro 16.6 while keeping all existing services in their Apollo essential database (PostgreSQL).


Is this possible?

The answer is Yes.


Customer just need to install Apollo adv/pro using existing database, and Apollo adv/pro pickup existing PostgreSQL database without deleting previous Apollo essential's services.


Here are the detail workflow tested by Apollo development team:
1. Install Apollo Core 2020
2. Configure Postgres(10) database
3. Add additional services and datatsets.
4. Uninstall Apollo Core but selected to remain the configuration file
5. Run Apollo Pro/Adv 2020 installer suite.
6. Install Apollo
7. Configure Apollo (use default settings but point to the existing Postgres database used by previous Apollo essential)

on ‎07-10-2020 03:24 AM

Thanks Haiyan,


this really helped me. The config wizard also updates an old Core DB to a newer version. So I have been able to migrate a APOLLO 2018 core to APOLLO 2020 Advantage without any issues!


Well done!