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Install APOLLO Essential 2018 u4 (16.5u4) on CentOS Linux 7.x

by Technical Evangelist ‎12-16-2019 05:55 PM - edited ‎04-01-2020 11:38 AM (338 Views)


ERDAS APOLLO Core User Guide->Installation and Licensing->Setting up ERDAS APOLLO Core->Linux CentOS 6/7 Installation Guide 


ERDAS APOLLO Core 2018 u4 Linux release note 


[1] Install CentOS 7.x 64bit



    Note: CentOS 8 is not supported OS for Apollo core 2018 and 2020.


[2] Install prerequisites services for CentOS 7.x


$ sudo yum install libpng12
$ sudo yum install httpd
$ sudo yum install php php-cli mod_fcgid
$ sudo yum install sqlite.x86_64

Make sure httpd service is started


sudo service httpd restart 



[3] Download Installer for APOLLO Essential 2018 u4 for Linux

Download the file from 


[4] Install APOLLO Essential 2018 u4

Unzip the zip file and 


$ sudo chmod +x ERDAS-APOLLO-Essentials_2018.bin
$ sudo ./ERDAS-APOLLO-Essentials_2018.bin

The .rpm file will be created.
Screenshot from 2019-12-16 19-26-36.png




$ sudo rpm -i ERDASAPOLLOEssentials-16.5.1-478.x86_64.rpm




  The following errors can be safely ignored:


cannot access 'etc/httpd/modules/': No such file or directory'




>>>Eint_InitToolkitData failed<<<
***ERROR NUMBER 1225 IN FUNCTION Eint_InitToolkitData***
>>>epmg_Init failed<<<
***ERROR NUMBER 3408 IN FUNCTION epmg_Init***
>>>ImplementationMethods.dbInitialize failed<<<
***ERROR NUMBER 3082 IN FUNCTION ImplementationUseBeginEx***
>>>ImplementationMethods.dbInitialize failed<<<
***ERROR NUMBER 2086 IN FUNCTION DefaultDatabaseInitialize***
>>>Preference database is empty<<<



[5] Configure APOLLO Essential 2018 u4


$ cd /usr/local/hexagon/erdas-apollo/bin
$ sudo ./iwsctl stop
$ cd ../tools
$ sudo ./

Choose "2. Configure new main database"
Then choose "1. SQLite"
Press "Enter" to accept default location:


            Where to store the SQLite database?[/usr/local/hexagon/erdas-apollo/config/filelist.db]
Choose "1. Restart Apollo Essentials Server"

Choose "5. Exit"


$ cd /usr/local/hexagon/erdas-apollo/bin
$ sudo ./iwsctl restart




[6] Configure remote license server using INGRTS_LICENSE_PAT 

Create /usr/local/intergraph/licensing folder, and create file INGRTS_LICENSE_PATH. This file is referenced by ERDAS APOLLO Core to determine license location. For example the external license server name is "win2012r2"



[7] Start APOLLO Essential 2018 u4 admin console

User can launch admin console by click the Application->Internet->ERDAS APOLLO Essentials Console...




$ sudo /usr/local/hexagon/erdas-apollo/server/



Screenshot from 2019-12-16 19-53-48.png


Screenshot from 2019-12-16 19-55-07.png





by Technical Evangelist
on ‎12-16-2019 06:08 PM

Apollo essential 2018 u4 and 2020 will not work in CentOS 8.