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New portal workspace for public access (keep ERDAS Apollo catalog connection)

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-14-2020 08:32 AM (89 Views)

Setup portal for public access (without login), user need to do the following:

[1] Decide what aggregates can be open(read permission) for public.
In data manager, right-click on aggregate that you want public access, choose security. Add "*" as principals, give "Read" permission, and "Apply to Children". Save the change.


[2] Go to Apollo portal, log out. So no user is currently logged in.
If you click "Browse ERDAS Apollo Catalog", and you should be able to see these aggregates that are open for public access


[3] From Portal->Tools->User map.
Add new workspace from Map (check Save credentials of connected data sources), and give workspace a name. Click on the newly created workspace, check "Public" check box.
Click "Link', copy the workspace ID.


[4] Go to admin console http://localhost/AdminConsole/App, config apollo-portal instance->Starting Configuration->Advanced Options->Starting Workspace ID.
Replace "SDIPortalSampleWorkspace" with copied workspace ID

Apply change, and run portal


[5] Now portal should automatically zoom in to your workspace map area, and no user logged in, and you can see all aggregate for public access under "Browse ERDAS Apollo Catalog"


[6] If user want to login as other user role, they can do that by entering your account under Authentication tab.

NOTE: If user want new workspace with certain user role access, then repeat the workflow with that particular user role instead of “*”.