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Outputting Catalog Editor Metadata to APOLLO

by Anonymous on ‎11-29-2016 12:44 PM - edited on ‎10-31-2019 03:25 AM by Community Manager (710 Views)

Export for Geomedia into an ISO 19115:2003 Cor2  XML file.   There is a ‘copy’ trigger in Erdas Apollo that will allow that XML to be copied over to the Erdas Apollo Server and used as the metadata of the dataset.  There are Pro’s and Con’s to this.


-Pro: The full XML is copied over and is now used as the ISO Metadata in EA. 


Con: Any changes made in the EA Metadata editor WILL overwrite/keep changes of original copied metadata file. Also, if an Admin or Data Manger choses to “Generate ISO Metadata” in Data Manager, it will not overwrite the original/copied XML with a new one EA produces based off its metadata template – this is only true for files that are crawled without using the ISO 19139 Metadata parser. This said, if an Admin or Data Manager updates the properties of a file and then choses “Generate ISO Metadata”, this information will not be updated in original copied metadata file.


As for the workflow from Geomedia Catalog, you can export all of the metadata record into separate xml files and then make sure these xml files are named the same as the data it is describing. This could be a long process depending on how many files we are talking about.


                Once all files exported and copied, you can run a Crawling process within APOLLO making sure you check the ISO 19139 from the Metadata Parsers (see below) and metadata file will be copied and reference. Reiminder: if you regenerate metadata then you’ll lose all previous metadata info that was in the metadata file.



                Folder to crawl with exported metadata from Geomedia:



                Metadata Parser wizard screen :



                Geomedia xml metadata is copied see Metadata tab far right:



When Generating ISO Metadata with Data Manager,


You get a warning :error.jpg


Note that again the system knows that the metadata was coming from a metadata file so it will skip the overwriting process see log file:

14:19:11,328 INFO  [com.erdas.apollo.dmbl.tasks.GenerateISOMetadataTask] (quartzSchedulerFactory_Worker-3) Metadata Action is File Copy. Skipping generation of ISO 19139 metadata document from the Catalogue metadata.

14:19:11,328 INFO  [com.erdas.apollo.dmbl.scheduling.job.ApolloServiceRunnerJob] (quartzSchedulerFactory_Worker-3) Job ProvisioningService#generateMetadata--1693088888 end time : 2016-03-18 14:19:11.328

14:19:11,328 INFO  [com.erdas.apollo.dmbl.scheduling.job.ApolloServiceRunnerJob] (quartzSchedulerFactory_Worker-3) Job ProvisioningService#generateMetadata--1693088888 completed in 00h:00m:00s


on ‎11-29-2016 12:52 PM



while crawling data into data manager it is taking by default acquisistion as crawling date and time, it is not taking from the source data that being crawled , 


please suggest a solution how to ad metadata from the source images,


Thanks & regards,