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The scripts that cleans up the Apollo quartz jobs

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-24-2019 09:21 AM (108 Views)

The following script will remove the system jobs that are created when recurring jobs exist. The jobs are created when Tomcat starts up when recurring jobs are detected. The sequence of the deletes are important.


delete from qrtz_cron_triggers where trigger_group = 'ERDAS_APOLLO_SYSTEM';

delete from qrtz_scheduler_state;

delete from qrtz_fired_triggers where trigger_group = 'ERDAS_APOLLO_SYSTEM';

delete from qrtz_locks;

delete from qrtz_paused_trigger_grps where trigger_group = 'ERDAS_APOLLO_SYSTEM';

delete from qrtz_simple_triggers where trigger_group = 'ERDAS_APOLLO_SYSTEM';

delete from qrtz_triggers where trigger_group = 'ERDAS_APOLLO_SYSTEM';

delete from qrtz_job_details where job_group = 'ERDAS_APOLLO_SYSTEM';


If the customer is confident there are no recurring jobs, the can remove the ‘where’ clause and just clean out the tables with the same delete scripts.

delete from qrtz_cron_triggers;

delete from qrtz_scheduler_state;

delete from qrtz_fired_triggers;

delete from qrtz_locks;

delete from qrtz_paused_trigger_grps;

delete from qrtz_simple_triggers;

delete from qrtz_triggers;

delete from qrtz_job_details;