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Unnecessary tomcat applications for Apollo and how to delete them

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-15-2019 01:50 PM (125 Views)
Beginning with the ERDAS APOLLO 2019 release, the following default Tomcat applications are no longer being delivered by the ERDAS APOLLO installation. 
These are not required for the ERDAS APOLLO configuration and in some cases may pose a security risk to the installation.
  • tomcat\webapps\host
  • tomcat\webapps\ROOT
  • tomcat\webapps\example
Existing ERDAS APOLLO installations may choose to delete the applications as well by simply removing the following folders:
  • C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS APOLLO\tomcat\webapps\host
  • C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS APOLLO\tomcat\webapps\ROOT
  • C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS APOLLO\tomcat\webapps\example

Note: These folder paths assume that the software was installed to C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS APOLLO