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ERDAS APOLLO 2015 Maintenance Release v15.00 EP05 - March 16, 2016

by on ‎03-25-2016 09:07 AM - edited on ‎04-05-2016 05:03 PM by Technical Evangelist (872 Views)

The ERDAS APOLLO 2015 patch (designated EP05) has been released.  The patch should appear on the product download page ( under the ERDAS APOLLO Product line.

If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to our customer support at +1.800.661.8134 between 7:00am and 7:00pm CT US or your sales representative / distributor.  For our US Federal customers, please contact Intergraph Government Solutions (IGS) at +1.800.633.7248 or


This patch addresses a number of issues.  Please make sure you read the product README / Changelog files for steps in updating your current ERDAS APOLLO version.  Approximately 90% of problems we receive after a patch release can be attributed to failure to read these documents.  Any customizations to the product, such a metadata templates, GetCap info, etc. will need to be backed up and the README documents include that information.


The EP05 patch includes all fixes from the previous patches (EP01-EP04).  The following products have EP05 installers:


  • ERDAS APOLLO Essentials 2015 EP05 -

  • ERDAS APOLLO Utilities 2015 EP05 -

  • ERDAS Browser Plugins 2015 EP05 - erdas-ecwjp2-myvr-3d-plugin-v15.0-win-x86-ep5.zipo

  • ERDAS APOLLO Essentials/Advantage/Professional 2015 EP05 -

The issues addressed with EP05 are as follows:



- [CR 1-JST5S0] Apply To All Style modifies bandlist when not explicitly set to (IW-4173)

- [CR 1-EF1Z4B] Originating Pipe WMTS hardcodes cache-control max age value (IW-4088)

- [CR 1-GE4QRT] Unable to update ECW v3 Header information with Header Editor Utility (IW-3848)

- [CR 1-CIMO92] Blank image returned for unsupported WMS v1.1.0 rather than error (IW-3520)

- [CR 1-GL1XG9] Invalid log entry when requested WMS layer does not exists (IW-2957)

- [CR 1-BUNODP] Corrected minor spelling mistakes in Configuration Wizard (IW-4176)

- Resampling setting ignored if other styling options exists (IW-4283)

- Update 3D Plugin with substantial new features within myVR SDK. Refer to Geospatial Portal update (IW-4066)

- Errors reported in log file on clean install (IW-3340)

- ECW JPEG2000 SDK updated with miscellanous bug fixes and improvements for JPEG2000 multi-threaded decoding (IW-4217)


ERDAS APOLLO Advantage/Professional and Data Manager

- [CR 1-JP7QYW] Support download for Radarsat 2 datasets

- [CR 1-JZURMF] Dropbox failed to catalog image

- [CR 1-K4EDDE] Dropbox performance impacted by unnecessary getcapabilities calls

- [CR 1-EMSSKH] Apollo WMS doesn't handle SLD according to OGC specification

- [CR 1-B4YY8S] Data shift with ESPG:3398

- [CR 1-EOC2E7] HPC are files deleted from disk when LAS files are removed from the catalog

- [CR 1-9CXLVB] Wrong BBOX from WFS GetCapabilities (Oracle provider)

- [CR 1-JSQFAD] Problems creating a WFS from Oracle

- [CR 1-JP7B2H] Scheduled crawl jobs duplicating aggregates and datasets

- [CR 1-JJQ6YH] Printing does not work once user connects and logs in to ERDAS APOLLO catalog

- PCR: Enhance Logging (AP-5033)


ERDAS APOLLO Geospatial Portal 

- Portal - [CR# 1-JKNKKB] Potential risk of hacking the geospatial portal application - Reflexive Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

- Portal - [CR# 1-F3Q0QD] Predefined Query Description text is not visible by default

- Portal - [CR# 1-FG67IS] Geospatial portal printing throws error on Chrome

- Portal - [CR# 1-FFF80M] StyleConfig.js definitions not applied to WMPS Analyses (both SDK and GUI)

- Portal - [CR# 1-C54DDN] Google maps in Satellite mode changes to perspective view

- Portal - [CR# 1-E4R8WW] Cannot persist the SLD files uploaded for the WMS styling @ Geospatial portal

- Portal - [CR# 1-B2DP9F] Print service does not prints the legends correctly for Apollo services.

- Portal - [CR# 1-DQVLAF] Colon ":" in attribute value acts like hypertext

- Portal - [CR# 1-DQQH01] Show a link to the map command only works with map under Starting gpw

- Portal - [CR# 1-D7P7T0] Using WFS, if the first legend entry is not visible on the map all legend entries are disabled.

- Portal - [CR# 1-DJFR70] Failed McAfee SECURE Vulnerability scan

- Portal - [CR# 1-DQW21H] Remove opacity from the WMPS queried polygon when printing

- Portal - [CR# 1-CVGDVL] Open Street Map and Geospatial Portal

- Portal - [CR# 1-B9LP0S] GeoRSS service (using WFS) on Portal is displayed with swapped co-ordinates.

- Portal - [CR# 1-9PHCS0] Direct Link to map not working correctly from default map

- Portal - WFS becomes inactive in the Geospatial Portal Map Content panel when 'Limited by map range' option is enabled.

- Portal - The 'Apply' and 'Cancel' buttons are missing on the service authorization dialog in GWMPub.aspx