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ERDAS APOLLO 2016.2 Released

by on ‎02-09-2017 08:25 PM (985 Views)


Hexagon Geospatial announces the immediate release of ERDAS APOLLO Core 2016.2 and ERDAS APOLLO 2016.2, which includes the resolution of various customer-reported issues.  


One of the major fixes and changes has to do with the WMTS services published by ERDAS APOLLO.  With the release of ERDAS APOLLO 2016.1 WMTS RESTful services, we discovered that many applications on the market such as Gaia, Google Chrome, Firefox and Esri ArcGIS products had deficiencies when it came to reading and displaying the advertised output formats supported with WMS / WMTS services and applying them within their applications.  For example, when ArcMAP makes the WMTS request via the RESTful service, ArcMAP will request the last ResourceURL to use, which in the case of ERDAS APOLLO is JPEGXR; a format that ArcMAP does not support.


Since we cannot fix issues with applications from other organizations, the ERDAS APOLLO 2016.2 release allows for the disabling of advertised formats at the service level within the ERDAS APOLLO Core Administration Console.  By default all five (5) output formats are selected but depending on the primary applications that will be consuming the services, select formats can be disabled. 


PLEASE NOTE: while disabling some formats may allow some applications to function correctly, other applications that rely on any format disabled will not be able to consume the service. 


The ERDAS APOLLO 2016.2 release is cumulative and includes the 2016.1 patch.  For the ERDAS APOLLO Core 2016.2 release, there have been significant changes to MS Windows requirements.  Please review the ChangeLog with the upgrade or the ERDAS APOLLO Core User Guide online documentation.


Refer to the APOLLOAdvPro-16-EP2-README or APOLLOCore2016-EP2-Changelog (for Core) for a list of Issues Resolved for ERDAS APOLLO 2016.2.