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Development Tickets

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Hexagon Geospatial Support Tickets


Technical Support tickets allow you to interact with technical support analysts directly and follow up on an issue from beginning to end.  Development Tickets may be used to request specific types of professional services from Hexagon Geospatial.


What is a Development ticket?


The ‘Development Ticket’ type may be filed for requesting product extensions/enhancements, project development that requires GSP involvement, or to possibly request architectural design support at the beginning of a project. It can be used by those partners/customers who are seeking assistance with the development of software applications and who have purchased credits through the Hexagon Geospatial Developers Network (HGDN) program’. It may also be used in the future as a process to request training, pre-sales or marketing support (basically any kind of professional services).


The Development Ticket is also part of the Hexagon Geospatial Developer Network (HGDN) workflow.  The HGDN supports solutions built on top of Hexagon Geospatial software for custom projects or commercial resale. For more information on how to become a part of our developer network please visit our website here


How to create a new Development ticket?


Before logging a development ticket you are encouraged to first go to the Hexagon GeoSpatial Community ( for initial help.  Search the Developer Discussions to determine if the question you have or the problem you are encountering has perhaps already been answered or resolved.  The Discussions tab on the main community page is at the top left of the page.


Development Tickets may be filed or opened online by going to the Hexagon Geospatial Community Support portal at and under the Developer Network section go to the Development Ticket Portal link.


From the Home page, click the New button and select Development Ticket.







Once the development record type is selected, OK off the form and then fill out the information section of the ticket. This is where you will let us know what kind of request it is i.e. application customization, training, project development, or a paid feature enhancement.




The fields on the ticket are defined as follows:


Subject – Short description of issue.


Problem Description – Provide a detailed description of your development requirement. Please include what the software does now and how you would like to change or enhance the workflow. For instance:


-What product is being extended?

-What is it a new feature that is needed?

-What are all the parts of the software the need to be changed to complete this project? 

-Provide a step by step workflow of desired process. 

-What are the conditions of success? How do we test the development to assure we have completed the expectations?

-What is the expected interaction by the user? For instance is this process commandline driven or does a user interface need to be added to the ribbon.

-If an interface is desired what does that look like? 


Product Family – Click in this field to see a list of your available software products. If you have selected an End Customer then the Product field will be limited to the current products available for that customer. 


Desired Delivery date - Provide the date by which the software development is needed.  Click on the calendar for easy selection. 


Version – Please provide the version of the software you are using. (Note: It is important to always provide the correct software version being used as well as any service packs or hotfixes that may also be installed.)


Accept the Terms and Conditions – Please read and accept the terms and conditions


When your ticket content is complete click the Confirm button.  The ticket will activate and assign a ticket number. The ticket number is the identifier you will use if you need to contact us regarding your development request.  


Note: For those users who strictly have access to the portal through their HGDN subscription they will only have the ability to file a development ticket and will not see an option to select either a support or a development ticket.


Note: To return to your home page click on the home button   return_home.jpg


Can a Development ticket be edited once submitted?


A Development Ticket content can be edited at any time by opening the ticket and clicking on the edit button.  When the ticket is activated you may add additional comments, or add attachments. Like the Support Ticket, the Development ticket is also divided into two tabbed pages: Ticket Details and Related List. The layout and workflow of the Development Ticket is the same as the Support Ticket.  


What happens once a Development ticket has been submitted?


When a ticket is submitted, it will be reviewed to determine the effort needed to complete the project based on credits. (Credits are purchased for your account and used for development.) When the estimate is completed:


-We will provide you with an estimated delivery date and the number of credits needed for the project.

-We will create an approval request to be signed by an approving manager qualified to sign purchase orders on behalf of the customer/partner. This request is sent to the customer/partner for approval

-We will send an approval request link via email notification to the partner manager.  Clicking the approval link will direct you to a website where the approval request estimate can be viewed, and then accepted or rejected.

-Once the required credits are available in your account, and the estimated approval request is accepted, we will begin the work.     

-No work will be done if the customer/partner does not have enough credits.


Once approved, how long will it take to complete a Development ticket?


We will do our best to meet the date specified in the approval request.  Your support analyst or appropriate support manager will follow up with the ticket and manage the flow throughout the development process.  They will be able to keep you up-to-date on its progress. 


Where to see the number of credits a request will take?

The following information will be viewable by the customer from within the support portal by going to the specific ticket and looking under the Development Ticket related information section:


Development Ticket Information


Desired Delivery Date – date the requested work is needed by


Delivery Date – date the work is delivered


Credits – how many credits have been estimated to be required to do the work or make the change


I accept the terms and Conditions checkbox - checked if the filer accepts the terms and conditions for submitting and working with a development ticket.


Following is a screenshot of the development ticket that shows these estimate values as supplied by Hexagon Geospatial.




Once the solution for the Development ticket has been provided what happens?


Once the solution has been delivered, the partner/customer has to confirm the correct delivery by closing the ticket.   If the partner/customer does not close the ticket within 3 weeks, it will then be closed by Hexagon Geospatial.   Once the ticket is closed (delivered as expected), the credits will be redeemed