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HGDN Subscription

by Community Manager on ‎03-29-2016 01:11 AM - last edited on ‎11-05-2019 09:32 AM by Technical Evangelist (59,452 Views)


With a Hexagon Geospatial Developer Network Subscription, you get broad access to all Hexagon Geospatial products for development use in one place. You will also get access to powerful toolkits—including current published APIs and SDKs, and access to in-depth resources—such as tutorials, collaborative samples and web-based training.

A HGDN Subscription also allows you to contact the development teams for help with complex project requirements.

With this subscription, users can learn anytime through eTraining modules, gain access to the comprehensive developer community and support forum, and be eligible for technology and product previews. Users with this subscription are able to meet the global community to gain hands-on experience and sharpen their skills


The HGDN Subscription is a feature rich 12 month single user subscription for developers.

The following features are included:

  • One license of selected released Power Portfolio Products
  • Access to M.App Studio
  • Access to selected SDKs, APIs and Development Toolkits
  • Access to the development ticket portal
  • Access to HGDN specific areas in the Hexagon Geospatial Community
  • Access to Shared Samples source code


These Power Portfolio products are included in the license bundle that you get with a HGDN Subscription and may only be used for development purposes:

  • ERDAS IMAGINE Professional 
  • GeoMedia Professional 
  • ERDAS APOLLO Professional 
  • GeoMedia Smart Client Professional 
  • GeoMedia WebMap Professional 
  • Geospatial Portal 

Following SDKs and Toolkits are included:

  • Spatial Modeler SDK 
  • GeoMedia Objects
  • GeoMedia Smart Client and Workflow Manager Packages
  • Geospatial Portal SDK
  • IMAGINE Developers' Toolkit (up to version 2018 only)

The Spatial Modeler SDK is exclusively available for HGDN Subscribers but requires an additional agreement. 


The following M.App Tools and Apps are part of the Subscription:


By subscribing to HGDN you accept these Terms and Conditions and Support Terms for the products mentioned in this article. 


Every user with an active HGDN Subscription will receive an email invitation to join us on Bitbucket:


Accept the invitation and follow the steps. Please note that you have to use the same email address for the community and on Bitbucket in order to get access to the repositories.


on ‎05-02-2017 09:09 PM

How can I get the ERDAS-APOLLO-Solution-Toolkit ?

on ‎05-19-2017 06:35 AM

Answering question from bluewindfj:

At the top of this page you will see a menu bar containing an option called "Developer Network".  Select it and then hover over "ERDAS APOLLO" until you see the cascading menu.  Then select SDK/API.



on ‎10-07-2017 03:00 AM



How can I get access to Development Ticket Portal?



by Community Manager
on ‎10-09-2017 12:43 AM


in the screen shot provided by @stillman you can see the last entry in the menu is called Development Ticket Portal. Please click there to submit a Development Ticket.



on ‎10-09-2017 05:31 AM

Sorry for the delay, but I was travelling Friday and did not see the message until this morning.  Thanks Thomas for the response.

on ‎01-12-2018 03:51 AM

Can you please clarify what kind of server products license is included in HGDN subscription - ONE or WORKGROUP?

Thanks in advance,

on ‎11-14-2018 05:30 AM



As officaial HGDN partner I wonder how to get Geospatial SDI?!

Can't find it in the products list available.


Pls, advise.





by Community Manager
on ‎11-21-2018 03:20 AM

Hi Kirill,


The Geospatial SDI is available on the general download page: