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Adjust error message when GeoWorkspace is already open

Status: Delivered
by on ‎05-07-2018 06:53 AM - last edited on ‎05-07-2018 07:16 AM by Technical Evangelist

As a user of GeoMedia, I want a better error message to be presented when a GeoWorkspace is already open by another user / process, so that I can discriminate between this condition and other errors in opening a GeoWorkspace.


Right now, the error message 'feature variable or with-block variable not defined' (German: Objektvariable oder With-Blockvariable nicht festgelegt) appears.  It would be much more intuitive for our customer if the error message would instead read 'GeoWorkspace is locked by another user' or something similar.

Status: Delivered

Delivered with the GeoMedia Desktop 2020 release.

by Technical Evangelist
on ‎05-07-2018 07:17 AM
Status changed to: Candidate
by Technical Evangelist
on ‎06-18-2019 05:18 AM
Status changed to: Targeted for an upcoming release

We plan to include this with GeoMedia 16.6, currently targeting Oct 2019.

by Technical Evangelist
on ‎10-21-2019 11:33 AM
Status changed to: Delivered

Delivered with the GeoMedia Desktop 2020 release.