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Posts: 25
Registered: ‎02-24-2017

Accessing fee-based WMTS in GeoMedia and SmartClient

Hi there


Accessing a fee-based registered WMTS service causes a pit of a pain in GeoMedia v.16, whereas requesting the same fee-based registered WMTS service in GeoMedia SmartClient is working perfectly.


The reason why SmartClient is allowed to access the registered WMTS database is simply because when requesting the WMTS database to get the tiles, SmartClient sends the registered referrer in the HTTP Request Header to get the access.


When prompting the WMTS request in GeoMedia Desktop Professional, no HTTP request in the header line is forwarded, which leads to a denial of the WMTS file. The external WMTS database do not recognize the referrer.


Problem: The WMTS can be display in SmartClient, but not In GeoMedia, due to the missing request, when prompting the WMTS database. All free WMTS services can be displayed in GeoMedia, but here we have a fee-based WMTS service, that is asking for permission.


Question: Is there a possibility or a workaround in GeoMedia Desktop Professional v.16 to retrieve the requested WMTS files, as the SmartClient has no problems in accessing the WMTS.


Kind regards


New Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-25-2017

Re: Accessing fee-based WMTS in GeoMedia and SmartClient

Hi everyone


Does anyone know about the issue discribed by philippe?


I encountered the same issue when i tried to use a fee-based wmts in Geomedia 16.2.


Is there a way to send the registered referrer?



Kind regards,