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Adding custom javascript Confirm question to PortalSDK - Got it to Work!

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i have a javascript function that i use to display a custom confirm dialog box for the user to select Yes or No and then I can branch in code based on answer.  Right now I have an html file to test it from (I click on a button to get the confirm box), the .js file with the function and a .css style sheet file with the box design that i include in the .html file.  I would like to include it in a function I've added to helloworld.js to call after the user clicks on the map and graphics are drawn so they would be questioned to approve what has been drawn. 


I got it to work - added the .css with <div> info  to portalSDK\src\Application\App_Themes\Default\default.css and

added the javascript to examples.aspx with include statement in the group with the other includes and put the <div>s before the <form> in that file and then called the java function in helloworld.js as part of the code processed when my custom graphics based on user map click are drawn.   Map dims when dialog box is displayed.