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Automating Copy of styles from a library to gws

[ Edited ]

Dear all,


I need to copy a style subfolder called "New Folder" from a library connection to a gws, 

I already made the connection to the library using the below code:


PLSS.LibraryConnection libraryConnection =this._currentApplication.CreateService("GeoMedia.LibraryConnection") as PLSS.LibraryConnection;
libraryConnection.Name = "Access Library Connection 1";
libraryConnection.Description = "Library";
libraryConnection.Mode = 1;
libraryConnection.ConnectionString = @"TYPE=GDO;PROGID=ACCESS.GDatabase;LOCATION=C:\Users\A\Desktop\Edited\try\LibTemp.mdb";

libraryConnection.Connect(true, null);
PLSS.LibraryConnections libConns = this._document.LibraryConnections as PLSS.LibraryConnections;


And I copied the content of the library as follows:


PLSS.Library objLibrary = libraryConnection.Library;

PLSS.LibraryStorageService libStorSrvc = this._currentApplication.CreateService("GeoMedia.LibraryStorageService") as PLSS.LibraryStorageService;
libStorSrvc.LibraryConnection = libraryConnection;
libStorSrvc.CopyMode = 1;
libStorSrvc.TargetConnections = this._document.Connections;
libStorSrvc.TargetCoordSystemsMgr = this._document.CoordSystemsMgr;
libStorSrvc.TargetQueryFolder = this._document.QueryFolder;

PLSS.LibraryFolder libfold = objLibrary.StyleFolder;
PLSS.LibraryFolder libfoldinner = libfold.LibrarySubFolders[1]; //New Folder

object objCreatedCopy = libStorSrvc.CopyFromLibrary(libfoldinner.LibrarySubFolders[1].Moniker, true);

PView.StyleFolder docStyleFolder = this._document.StyleFolder as PView.StyleFolder;
PView.StyleFolder docStyleFolderinner = objCreatedCopy as PView.StyleFolder;




This Post is edited as I found a way to do it and the above code now works,



Frequent Contributor
Posts: 159
Registered: ‎01-14-2018

Re: Automating Copy of styles from a library to gws

I finally got it right:


The Style folder is saved as a library folder under the Library, so I firstly made a library folder "libfold" respresenting the library style folder.


In order to control my style subfolder named "New Folder" under the library stylefolder I had to make another library folder "libfoldinner" representing the LibrarySubFolders[1] which in my case respresent the "New Folder" style subfolder.


Then I created a copy of this "New Folder" using "CopyFromLibrary" method.


In order to receive that copy in the gws style folder I made the following:

Created a stylefolder "docStyleFolder" representing the document stylefolder,

Created another stylefolder called "docStyleFolderinner" and I set it to the object returned from the "CopyFromLibrary" method.

Then I appended the "docStyleFolderinner" as a stylesubfolder into the "docStyleFolder"


I edited the code above.


I hope this answer could benefit you.