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Registered: ‎05-30-2016
Accepted Solution

Controlling usage of geometry editing commands based on feature attributes

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For our current Geospatial Portal project, using Portal SDK, we need to be able to control access to certain standard funtionalities in Geospatial Portal.


Specifically we need to be to intercept the geometry editing commands (insert, edit, continue) and read specific feature attributes, before allowing the controls to be actually used. We currently have implemented a custom feature info, that intercepts the default feature info event and, using predecate, either display regular feature info or custom feature info, based on several attributes and values. 


I can't seem to find any suggestions in the API or examples, that there is such events for insert, edit and continue, in order to intercept even before any geometry drawing or editing. Could you please advice us on how we can achieve this functinality?

Technical Evangelist
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Re: Controlling usage of geometry editing commands based on feature attributes

I've created a sample monkey patch for intercepting feature removal. Please let me know whether this is something you are looking for:




Please note that it touches Portal's private API as this functionality is not exposed in the public API.

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