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Convert DWG to DXF/GML/KML



Does anyone knows any tool that can convert DWG to DXF/GML/KML/Shapefile??? To run with command line so I can call it from C#?

I know that with GDAL we can convert from DXF to other formats but it doesn't have the DWG capability...


Any help would be very helpful.



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Re: Convert DWG to DXF/GML/KML

Do you have WebMap installed?

If so it has libraries for handling DWG/DXF etc.

In the past we have coded routines to export from SQL Server spatial datasource (or any other data server) to DWG.

WebMap allows you to connect to DWG via dataserver. It would then be a mater of using one of the export libraries to export to desired format.

WebMap does not provide as a prebuilt tool, but rather libraries you can program against to build your own.

GeoMedia WebMap Professional>Documentation, search for ExportToAutoCADService (handles export to DWG and DXF), Export To GML Service, output to table service etc.

GeoMedia Desktop provides same libraries, though if you have the professional version of GeoMedia desktop you can try the standalone schema remodeler option that works from command prompt (desktop only, not webmap).

Posts: 100
Registered: ‎02-10-2017

Re: Convert DWG to DXF/GML/KML

Hi Shaun.


Yes, I've WebMap installed and I know ExportToAutoCADService.

I already worked with it but my question was to avoid to develop this at this moment. I don't have time for it Smiley Happy.

I needed a solution off the box.