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Data view zoom failing in unmodified SDK with WMPS instance and Demo Data

[ Edited ]

ADDING BELOW A SCREEN CAPTURE OF ERROR - also i don't need to run code from examples window - i just do an "add" of the cities feature from the dataview to the window with the clipboard and then try to do a zoom.


I have the following installed on Windows 2012 Server r2 with SDK portal-sdk-package-ep-16.00.0100.

I made a new WMPS instance, did a build on the SDK with no modifications and used Publisher Service Source Configuration to load demo metadata into a service source.  I then run examplesess.aspx and all displays fine.  Then i try to do a query and display query result on map (displays fine) and in data view.  Properties and Add to Clip Board icons work fine but Magnifier (Zoom) gives an exception break.

The code I am using in the examples box is provided below.   Can anyone verify that this should work?  and any suggestions what could be wrong?   Thanks very much!



Code I am running to do query of Cities feature for cities with temperature above 60 degrees


style2 = new Intergraph.WebSolutions.Core.WebClient.Platform.Style.SimplePointStyle(null, {
type: "SimplePointStyle",
color: "#00ffff",
size: 15,
translucency: 0.2

$"EPSG:4326", function () {
queryName: "abc6",
featureClassId: "USSample|Cities",
url: ",com/test1_instance/MapService.svc",
applicationId: "test1",
definitionName: "MapPublisher",
style: style2,
addToLegend: true,
filters: [
operator: ">",
operands: ["AVETEMP", "50"]
function (result) {
analysisId: result.analysisId,
}, function (result2) {