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Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Different custom data and display CRS

Hi all,


I tried to use two custom CRS in GMSC - one as data coordinate system and the other as display coordinate system. Data CRS should be EPSG 5513 and the other one EPSG 5514 - both are S-JTSK, but in different axis orientation (one is S-W, the second one is N-E). I created jar for these custom systems, I tried each of these individually and it worked. But if I try to use both in one project, I got error:


SEVERE:	null --> [javawsApplicationMain] com.intergraph.web.core.kernel.SmartClientKernel.launch
(SRS.MissingProjection)No projection has been defined in -2147483648. ...


I had similar question here:


The answer was that there should be no problem with more custom CRS. 


My question now is: where should I look for the problem? Is there some transformation between data and display crs which had to be defined somewhere?




Community Manager
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Registered: ‎10-09-2015

Re: Different custom data and display CRS


we should try to keep discussions in one thread.

As this seems to be a standard product issue, I would suggest that we close the thread here an keep it open in our Support Forums.



Thomas Anzinger
Community Manager