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Registered: ‎10-26-2015

Display wait message/data loading message

A customer has asked for ideas how to display a message in Consumer and Geospatial Portal web applications to inform users data is loading from web services.


Their concern is that after the splash screen disappears there is often a delay before data from web services is displayed in the map and they would like to indicate to the user to wait before trying to pan/zoom the map.


Is there anything in the Geospatial Portal / Consumer Portal API that could be used to display a message whilst waiting for data to be displayed?


I know this would be very difficult to do in the application due to its design as a asynchronous client with client-side and server-side connections to web services but I need to provide a consise answer to the customer explaining why we can't do this or perhaps what we could offer to do.


Thanks for any replies.



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Re: Display wait message/data loading message

[ Edited ]



You may try to use the events for map services and present a message while the service is registring.

Something like this (I only tested it in debug mode - in Geospatial Portal - and for registring a new service it worked well):


var mask = new Ext.LoadMask(Ext.getBody(), {
				msg: 'Loading Service Information'

$event.register("registeringNewMapServiceStart", function showMask(){; },this);

$event.register("mapServiceInitFailed", function showMask(){ mask.hide(); alert('Error loading service information'); },this);

$event.register("mapServiceInitialized", function showMask(){ mask.hide(); },this);

Be aware that you might have to handle the mask for each service that you register.


Best regards