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Accepted Solution

Dll PCSS_tlb.dll in GeoMedia 16

Hi team,


I am doing GeoMedia programming on GeoMedia 16. From the GeoMedia Object Reference, all unit of measure objects are comming from the dll PCSS_tlb but I can't find this in my system (GeoMedia 16 installed). I believe the document is out of date.


If someone knows, please give me the latest information on this. 


Kind regards,


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Re: Dll PCSS_tlb.dll in GeoMedia 16

Hi Bob,


this was changed back in the version 2015 (or even 2014). If you look into GeoMedia Object Reference, you can see a new section named "Coordinate System .NET API". If you expand it and click any object, CoordSystem for example, you can see that it is now in the Intergraph.CoordSystem namespace.


Basically it means that you should remove the old reference to PCSS.tlb (or PCSS_tlb.dll) and replace it by the reference to Intergraph.CoordSystems namespace, which you find in the .NET section of Add Reference dialog. Then if you add the following line into the top of your source code (for C#, it will be different for VB.NET):


using PCSS = Intergraph.CoordSystems;


then your code should compile almost without changes. The exception is if you work with MapView control. In this case, you will also need the namespace Intergraph.CoordSystems.Interop and sometimes cast between the same objects from the other library.