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Accepted Solution

EdgeFrontier read multiple files

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How can I make EdgeFrontier read multiple files (e.g. CSV) instead of specifying a single file?


My solution is

  1. Create a file named load.csv
  2. Fetch the number of files in the current directory and assign into a variable (e.g. i)
  3. Set a dummy loop variable to true
  4. If loop variable is SetToTrue, check i value
  5. If(i > 0) then read filenames from the list of files in the current directory
  6. Insert the filenames into a variable list
  7. Extract the filenames into a series (the delimiter is | so I extracted it using the delimiter option under the Relationship Process)
  8. Get the first file to work with using SeriesField_Last or SeriesField_First and assign into a filename variable 
  9. rename the file with the same filename assigned to the filename variable TO load.csv to
    • (e.g. old name: file_20191021.csv, new name: load.csv)
  10. process the file (insert into databases)
  11. delete the file
  12. subtract 1 from i
  13. set the loop variable to true (to start with the next file)

In this example, I used 4 variables. It works, but I wonder if it will be using a lot of resources and maybe interfere other loaded systems because sometimes when I load the system with the used method, some of the other systems my colleague is working on got stuck. Robot Sad 


Please advise.


p/s: each file has about 500,000 lines

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Re: EdgeFrontier read multiple files

Hi maui,


EdgeFrontier is a product of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure division, please try visiting the support pages here:


Best Regards,


Jan Neumann
Post Sales Engineer Web Applications
Hexagon Geospatial

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Re: EdgeFrontier read multiple files

thank you for your information