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Error SESSION_ in GeoMedia Smart Client in a report

ReporProduct: GeoMedia Smart Client

We are working in a project with Barcelona City Council and GeoMedia Smart Client, we need to fix an issue with a report, but we need some help: Please find the report returned by GMSC in attachment- As you can see in ERROR_.png there are some sections in the report are not working. The error is saying something related to SESSION_NOM_FASE and we don’t know where it’s defined, or what should we do in order to solve this issue. Could you suggest what to do?



I can send you the workflow & the report so you can check it. If you think could be useful we can set up a webex Thanks !

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Re: Error SESSION_ in GeoMedia Smart Client in a report



in the report layout it looks like you have something like 




in several textbox values. Those textboxes are expecting values stored in the current session: if this is not true you will get this kind of error.




Stefano Turcato
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