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Example of WMS Façade for changing content of capabilties

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We need to change capabilities service of a WMS in order to provide a legend graphic representation of a gorup layer.

Is there any example on how to do it with WMS Façade.?  Customer has Geospatial SDI product adquired.


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Re: Example of WMS Façade for changing content of capabilties

Hi Josep,

By using the custom pipe DLL implementation, you can modify the Capabilities XML during runtime. Sample:

[SDIMethodHandler("GetCapabilities", "1.1.1", "wms")]
[SDIMethodHandler("GetCapabilities", "1.3.0", "wms")]
public IResponseBase GetCapabilitiesHandler(SDIMethodParameters parameters,
                               AdditionalParametersCollection additionalParameters,
                               IUserContext userContext)
   var response = InvokeOnNextPipe(parameters, additionalParameters, userContext);
   response = ProcessResponse(response);
   return response;

bool ShouldChangeLegendUrl(XElement legendURL)
   // determine if this is the legendurl to change
   // choose your own determining logic
   return true;

IResponseBase ProcessResponse(IResponseBase response)
   var xdoc = XDocument.Load(response.ResponseStream);
   foreach (var legendURL in xdoc.Descendants().Where(x => x.Name.LocalName == "LegendURL"))
       if (ShouldChangeLegendUrl(legendURL))
           legendURL.Descendants().Where(x => x.Name.LocalName == "OnlineResource").Attributes().First(x => x.Name.LocalName == "href").Value = "whatever";
   var resultResponse = new XMLResponse(xdoc, response.MimeType);
   resultResponse.HttpCode = response.HttpCode;
   return resultResponse;
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