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Registered: ‎01-14-2018

Export to FGDB External component has thrown an exception.

Hello all Smiley Happy


I am trying to export a Join into FGDB as in the following c# code



ExportToFGDB exportToFgdb = new ExportToFGDB();
exportToFgdb.InputRecordset = _Points_Joined_GRecordset;
exportToFgdb.OutputFeatureClassName = "PointsFGDB";
exportToFgdb.OutputFolderName = @"C:\Users\A\Desktop\SDRFiles\FGDB\PointsFGDB.gdb";
exportToFgdb.OutputGeometrySubtype = 10;
exportToFgdb.TargetEPSGCode = 22992;
exportToFgdb.OutputGeometryDimension = 2;
exportToFgdb.Append = true;
exportToFgdb.Execute();           //Error appears here


but an error is thrown saying : "External component has thrown an exception." at the Execute() method.



Also I checked the generated FGDB folder and compared it with an FGDB folder made with the GUI for the same data,

and I found that the one made using the GUI-which is working with no problem- have 4 more files as in the below picture




so why the code is not working and why there are 4 missing files in the coded FGDB?


Your help is appreciated Smiley Very Happy