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Export to GML with GeoMedia WebMap and Libraries

I am exporting to GML a result of a legened Entry of a WMPS Publisher. Really, I get the legend entry using the method GetFromLibrary using the pubisher data source in Access.


Well, the GML is generated but it is unreadable because the features has a tab in teh names

  <gmgmlSmiley FrustratedignA adm_provincias gml:id="SignA adm_provincias.1">


(between SignA and adm_provincias there is a tab)


I have verify that this text "SignA adm_provincias" is the Query.Name associated to the GRecordset, and I have verify that also in GeoMedia.

Is that true, that the name include a tab?


Is true that the export GML use the Query.Name to generate the tag gmgml?


Is there any way to redefine the gmgml:xxxx?


If it is not possible, is there any way to rename the query name after it is generated?


Thanks in advantage.

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Re: Export to GML with GeoMedia WebMap and Libraries

Hi, Santiago!


Regarding your questions:

  1. It is true that ExportToGMLService takes the name of the feature class from Query.Name. The service does only substitution of spaces, unfortunately and minimal validation.
  2. It is possible to redefine the feature local name, simply by changing the Query.Name. It is actually a read-write property.