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Registered: ‎11-11-2015

Extending Administration Console Configuration TabStrip for Geospatial portal

We have created a Geospatial Portal Instance using Geospatial Administration Console. If we click a configuration icon,it displays a Geospatial Portal Configuration TabStrip with "Appearance", "Starting Configuration", "Map Variants Behavior", "Map Services", Layouts", "Workflow Manager" and "Details" tabs.

Our requirement is to add custom Tab on configuration TabStrip along with existing tabs.

We have followed below approach -

1. Created a MVC application
2. Created a MyNode class- Implementing the INode interface
3. Created a MyNodeFactory Class -Implementing the INodeFactory interface
4.Implemented custom ITabsProvider
5.Implemented custom controller
6.Implement custom view and Model.

Our question is Our controller is "MyNodeController" and Action is "MyNode". Then how to update this information in AdministrationConsole.xml file (...\inetpub\wwwroot\AdminConsole\App\WorkflowSettings\AdministrationConsole.xml) to display our Custom Tab on configuration TabStrip.

We have copied all files to respective folders located at ..\inetpub\wwwroot\AdminConsole\App