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Fancy Tooltips (Part 2)

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$GP.queries.find  to find total number of queries...





Using the Fancy Tooltips example, if i add a filter so only states with temperature of 60 or higher will be selected and run example, the correct states have pins added. But then if i change the filter to "<" and "AVETEMP", 50, and run the example again, the same result is displayed. What code has to be changed to show the result of a subsequent query?  I am using the exact example except for adding a filter each time before running it again.  If i add the query to the legend, the correct points are displayed after each filter change but the pins never change although they erase before re-drawing.


featureClassId: "{}OM_USA_STATES",
url: "",
definitionName: "WFS",
queryName: queryName,
addToLegend: false,
filters: [{
operator: ">",
operands: ["AVETEMP", 60],


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Posts: 253
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Re: Fancy Tooltips (Part 2)

I see it is 


The [0] is the first query, 1 the second, etc.

What is the best way to get the latest query?

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Re: Fancy Tooltips (Part 2)

Hi Jane,


Each time you use $GP.queries.add() you get a generated query object in the callback. So for me the best way would be to save the AnalysisID of this Query into some globally defined variable.



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