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GMSC - Documentation for .Net developers

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I'm new GMSC developer and i'm looking for .Net documentations - for extentions, controllers, value providers etc.

I have found decent documentation for XML and Javascript code for workflow and form settings:

There are also 3 short videos with some c# code, but they are definitely not enough:


In other words I can't find any documentation about .Net side of GMSC, is there existing such?

Another, related to previous one, question is - what is the address of nuget site (or any other site) for Intergraph components such as Intergraph.Emea.Data, Intergraph.Emea.Core etc?


Thanks in advance


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Re: GMSC - Documentation for .Net developers

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please have a look at our Developer Network and get a HGDN Subscription to get access to the nuget packages and source code samples on Bitbucket.



Thomas Anzinger
Community Manager