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GMSC Offline Mode

Hi all,


I have few questions related to GMSC offline mode, I cannot find the answer elsewhere:


  1. If i understand it properly, GMSC get map in offline mode from cached tiles, only the features that can be edited are stored as vectors in H2 database. Am I correct? It means that GMSC is using some spatial extension of H2 database?
  2. Is it possible to collect data not related to map feature in offline workflow? E.g. I have a map of shops that are in map as points and than I have table with products that might have relation 1:n to shops. I need to fill up info about product in offline form and then save the information which shops sell the product. Is this scenario possible in offline?
  3. Are there any limitations of size for H2 database? Does large amount of data slows down only synchronization process or does it affects also work in offline mode?



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Re: GMSC Offline Mode

Hi Tereza,


  1. GMSC stores features in H2 database if they are set as "offline" in settings. They are stored with the geometry in the H2 database.
  2. You order to get the tables stored in the H2 database they must have a geometry and set as "offline". You may set a dummy geometry and add them to the legend in a dedicated theme (it may be hidden theme) and with a symbology that will not show the geometry on the map (in order to make the synchronization to work the geometry is anyway needed). Please consider in offline mode you do not have the ability to use SQL statements, the H2 database is a repository, but client side we do not have a "SQL engine". A solution like this has been already used in the past by some partner with some extensions to be able to do selections on the client side.
  3. Large amount of data will slow down the synchronization process and the client itself if they are all displayed on the map (likewise live features)



Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial
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Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Re: GMSC Offline Mode

Hi Stefano, 

thanks for your quick answer.