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Registered: ‎01-10-2016

$ does not trigger events when removed and re-inserted in Internet Explorer

[ Edited ]

I'm using this part of javascript on a Geospatial Portal - Version: 15.00.0511 Build: 00337


	featureClassId: "my_feature_id",
	geojson: geojson,
	actions: {
		over: function (element) {
			//create a Ext tootip here;
		out: function (element) {
			//do nothing
		clicked : function (element) {
			//create another Ext tooltip

Since I want to filter the previously created pins, I first clear all pins with

${featureClassId: "my_feature_id"});

and then recreate them with the same codeblock above.


In Chrome and Firefox I have no problems, but using IE 11, the second time the pins are created, they seem no more linked to the callbacks: when i click on them or move mouse over them, there is no reaction.

A dive into the IE dev console shows that the "over" and "clicked" callbacks are not fired any more.


Hexagon support suggest me to cope with meta tag XUA-Compatible, but both in IE 9 Mode or Edge Mode, the behavior is the same.


Does anyone faced this problem?