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Registered: ‎05-01-2016

GWMPub Settings Panel and tool bar icons

[ Edited ]

Trying to finish up a custom SDK implementation and down to three issues:


Is it possible with the SDK to select which items display in the Settings Panel under the legend panel and to the left of the map with GWMPub.aspx startup?  For example can i  Remove the "Coordinate System" pulldown or the "Size of Screen in Inches" input box?


I also have replacement icons for all the toolbar icons for gwmpub.aspx that are bigger than the default 32 px by 32 px ones.  They are rectangular 58 px by 40px.   I am getting a little blue-ish "picket fence" hyperlink under each icon.  Where can i find the style info for the toolbar?  In particular, I need the little outline box that the icon is displayed inside of to be bigger so the icons fit entirely inside it.


Finally do i have access to the Clear Measurements code?  I would like it to also remove redlines created by $ by issuing a  $;   If i instead  Ineed to make by own map clear, what code is needed to erase the measurement numbers displayed by Measure Distance and Measure Area?


Thanks very much!