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Registered: ‎10-26-2015

Geospatial Portal - Labelling WFS features


Has anyone got a good method for setting up labelling of WFS features displayed in the map? I have a solution where users are creating polygons against a WFS-T and giving each polygon a name. The customer would like the name of each polygon displayed in the map.


Thanks for any tips!



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Re: Geospatial Portal - Labelling WFS features

[ Edited ]

How about setting up a parallel WMS for this? This WMS would connect to the same warehouse and have its legend configured with a single legend entry for your polygons with an attribute base font style which would render the name of the polygon? You would then have this WMS added to the Portal legend with a meaningful name like "Polygon names".


All this is applicable if the WFS-T is from WebMap, of course Smiley Happy