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Registered: ‎11-07-2016

Geospatial Portal SDK and Seamlessly Adding WFS-T layers with Windows Authentication



I have a WFS-T service that is to have Windows Authentication to allow members of a specific user group access, without using HTTPS. I wish to open this WFS-T service with Javascript in the Geospatial Portal SDK (e.g. below).  What I would like to do is to be able to add the layer to the legend seamlessly without having anyone log in. The layers are to be turned off by default (shown in the code). If the user is not in the user group, then the legend item should not be added, or will give an error message if the user attempts to turn on a layer. Is this possible?





//add FM_WFS service
	definitionName: "WFS",
	url: "http://" + g_strMapServerName + "/FM_WFS/service.svc/get?",
	id: "FM_WFS"}, 
	function (result) 
		//turn off all layers in WFS
			function (item) 
				id: item}, 
					function (result2)