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Geospatial index querying doesn't work on Azure CosmosDB (DocumentDB) using the Mongo API

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Hello All, I'm newbibe to this site, i have question for you guy's go through it!


I have an Azure CosmosDB with a collection restaurants where a field geoJSON specifies the location of a restaurant in geoJSON format. I am using the MongoDB API to access this.


When I log into the Microsft Azure DB using the mongo shell, I am able to see all the documents using db.restaurants.find(). I created a 2dsphere geospatial index using db.restaurants.createIndex( {geoJSON: "2dsphere"}).



    "_t" : "CreateIndexesResponse",
    "ok" : 1,
    "createdCollectionAutomatically" : false,
    "numIndexesBefore" : 3,
    "numIndexesAfter" : 4

However, upon running db.restaurants.getIndexes(), I still see only three indexes. This question says that indexing is not allowed. Is this still the case?

Furthermore, there seems to be an index called


            "v" : 1,
            "key" : {
                    "DocumentDBDefaultIndex" : "2dsphere"
            "name" : "DocumentDBDefaultIndex_2dsphere",
            "ns" : "<redacted>"

but executing a geospatial query returns nothing.


db.restautants.find({DocumentDBDefaultIndex: {$near: {$geometry: {type: "Point", coordinates: [24.9430111, 60.166608]}, $maxDistance: 1000}}})

How can I execute geospatial queries against this index using the mongo shell? Is this a bug in CosmosDB?


Help me on this