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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎05-22-2018

Get user selection for MapSelectionTools



I am doing a plugin and i would like to use the MapSelectionTools function.


I want to get the feature name of the user's selection contains in the list below.





I did not found a listener for the MapSelectionTools. 



	private MapSelectionTools mapSelectionTools;
	public void GetUserSelection() {
		mapSelectionTools = new MapSelectionTools();


How can I get the feature name selected by user ?


Thank you,



Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎10-20-2015

Re: Get user selection for MapSelectionTools

Hi Romain,

the selected layer will be the active layer if the spatial relate hit any geometries.


The MapSelection Tools uses the com.intergraph.web.extension.analyse.SpatialAnalysis. You can also execute this class by your own, if you want more control.


new SpatialAnalysis(yourSpatialAnalysisListener, SelectionMode.Point, null).selectWithShape();

The ISpatialAnalysisListener does the following. Every SpatialRelationResult is the result for one layer and the SpatialRelateFeatureSelection.showDialog(relationResults) call, shows the selection dialog.


public void selectionShapeCaptured(SpatialAnalysis spatialAnalysis, Shape capturedShape)
Feature activeFeature = ApplicationContext.getBrowser().getActiveFeature();
if(quickPickMode || spatialAnalysis.getSelectionMode() == SelectionMode.Geometry || activeFeature == null)
spatialAnalysis.relateWithFeatures(FeatureFilterFactory.filterFeatureList(ApplicationContext.getProject().getVisibleFeatures(), FeatureFilterFactory.getLocateableFilter()));
else if(activeFeature != null)

@Override public void spatialAnalyseFinished(SpatialAnalysis spatialAnalysis, List<SpatialRelationResult> relationResults) { if (!Assertion.isValid(relationResults)) { if (Log.isInfoEnabled()) Log.getLogger().info("no elements selected!"); ApplicationContext.getBrowser().refreshView(); return; } SpatialRelationResult selectedResult = relationResults.get(0); if (relationResults.size() > 1) selectedResult = SpatialRelateFeatureSelection.showDialog(relationResults); if (selectedResult == null) return; showSelectionInMap(selectedResult); } private void showSelectionInMap(SpatialRelationResult relationResult) { List<Object> selection = relationResult.getSelection(); int resultcount = selection.size(); if (Log.isInfoEnabled()) Log.getLogger().info("count of found elements: " + resultcount); FeatureID activeFeature = ApplicationContext.getBrowser().getActiveFeatureID(); if (activeFeature == null || !activeFeature.equals(relationResult.getFeature().getID())) relationResult.getFeature().setActive(true); ApplicationContext.getBrowser().getMapSelectionCurator().select(selection.toArray(new Object[selection.size()])); }

I hope that helps you.

Best Regards,