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Iframes and SDK to produce custom map display

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With the webmap SDK i am generating an html document that displays various database info about a parcel and also has two iframes that display custom maps (the map.aspx  invocation includes a parcel ID to zoom to and a zoom factor) - so one map is the parcel map and one is an overview map showing the location of the parcel.  There is a webmap pubisher service, StreetMap, and a WFS service to display the aerial photography involved in the map production.  The site is a secure site so the iframes are https: urls.


I have to let the HTML generated  webpage refresh (i have a <meta http-equiv='refresh' content='60'/> in the header in order for the two iframes to display correctly (sometimes they display immediately but sometimes there is a "REQUEST NOT ALLOWED" message on the first display).

I think it has something to do with security and cross posting.  (The Publisher service is HTTPSmiley Happy


https://mysite/portalsdk/map.aspx?gpm=5ef12d8c-2ac9-47d8-8950-0f157a0cfa55&access=Government&Parcel=08-000-207-00 is an example of an iframe source


Any suggestions so the refresh is not necessary?  I open the HTML file on the local machine in a browser as a file to generate the display.