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Frequent Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-13-2015

Increase mesurement text typography



We passed an image with the measure of the area.

Is possible to increase the typography of text.

For example the text 60.18 a




Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎09-11-2015

Re: Increase mesurement text typography

The main issue I am seeing here is that the related SVG regenerates on each zoom level making a CSS overriding solution a bit tricky. I tried with this option:

div.wc_map_measure svg g g text {
font-size: 4000pt; font-size: 250vw; }

But it works only in the actual scale when measurement tools is firstly used. After chaning the scale, the texts distort.


I would vote for either Product Idea for allowing measurement font size definition e.g. in web.config, or a development ticket if this is desired to have in the product sooner.



Jan Neumann
Post Sales Engineer Web Applications
Hexagon Geospatial