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Registered: ‎04-19-2016

Linking Spatial Models to Public Datasets (i.e. AWS or Google Engine)

We create most of our data products using ERDAS and ESRI proprietary software (as well as OS Python libraries).


Our work many focuses on using Landsat and Sentinel Imagery for regional products, however up until now we have only used services like AWS and Google Engine to download imagery and then automatically process the data in-house.


We are desperately trying to bridge the gap of processing imagery using our own developed models and algorithms in the cloud instead of using our in-house infrastructure. E.g. Google Earth Engine in currently dominating this space, however commercially this is not an option.


Many of our processes are predominantly ERDAS spatial modeler based, and we would like to run those models in the cloud on imagery in the public dataset libraries.


Couple Questions:

  1. Does Hexagon currently have a solution for this? And if so, then what products do we need to accomplish this. If not, when can we expect this to be prioritised as this would be very beneficial as to how we do our business.
  2. Do any open source solutions exist to convert gmdx models into something that can be run in the AWS or Google cloud?

Thanks for your time in advance.







Technical Evangelist
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Re: Linking Spatial Models to Public Datasets (i.e. AWS or Google Engine)

Hi Jens,


Hexagon Geospatial has a collection of Smart M.App offerings that range from the simplicity of M.App Exchange to the complete customizability of M.App X. You should explore those offerings to see if there is one that balances the minimization of your effort with a faithful realization of what you are envisioning as your solution.


With respect to web accessible data, it is true that Spatial Modeler does not, in general, currently allow inputs and outputs to be specified as web accessible resources. Is this what you are expecting? If so, can you elaborate on what URI scheme's and associated mime types (or other web data access standards) you would like to see supported?  


I am not aware of any facility to translate one geospatial workflow execution description (such as .gmdx) to another one (such as Google Earth Engine-based java script).



Ian Anderson
Chief Product Owner, Desktop Remote Sensing
Hexagon Geospatial