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Registered: ‎02-20-2018

Load Style in Unique Value Thematic

[ Edited ]

Hi guys,


I am new to Geomedia, 

I am trying to make a unique value thematic based on values of a certain column, moreover I have to load Styles coming from saved styles in the geoworkspace in a subfolder called "m_Styles" and I want to check "match style names with thematic classes".


I already made a Thematic Classification Service and made the classification as follows:

PView.ThematicClassificationService thmtcClsfctionSrvc =
            this.MyApp.CreateService("GeoMedia.ThematicClassificationService") as PView.ThematicClassificationService;
thmtcClsfctionSrvc.LegendEntry = LE;
thmtcClsfctionSrvc.AttributeFieldNames = "Ref";

PClient.GMCollection objUVColl = new PClient.GMCollection();
object obj = objUVColl;
thmtcClsfctionSrvc.CreateUniqueValueClasses(out obj, PView.UniqueValueClassificationTechniqueConstants.gmtcsClassifyByDataValues, PView.AdditionalIncludeItemsConstants.gmtcsIncludeNone,null, null, null);
objUVColl = obj as PClient.GMCollection;


Now I want to know how to make this thematic legend read its style from the style subfolder named "my_Styles" based on matching names with thematic classes, what should I use is it styledefinition?