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Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Not able to view uploaded file.

[ Edited ]

Hi Team,


We are able to view file uploaded with simple file name. But if the file name("img (1).jpg") contains '( )' this character then, we are able to upload but not able view it.


<Form name="BinaryFile" table="PHOTOGRAPHS" idfield="Id">
    <FormTab name="FormTab">
      <FormGroup name="FormGroup">
        <FormField name="Id" datatype="guidstring" visible="hidden" required="false"/>
        <FormFile name="FileData" datatype="binary" contenttypefield="ContentType" filenamefield="FileName"/>

In javascript&colon;:-->

IG.downloadFormFile({ id: ID, form: 'BinaryFile', fieldName: 'FileData', openFile: true });



Jai Ram Gaur