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Offline WF - maximum elemements

Hi all,


I don't want to let user create more than one (or defined amount )  element in offline WF. So steps are:

  1. start offline WF 
  2. capture 
  3. if user wants to create next element (+1 then defined in code), he gets alert and element is not saved (automatically deleted).

has anybody already solved it and has a working sample for that JAVA plugin?




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Re: Offline WF - maximum elemements

[ Edited ]

Hi Lukas,


I believe this can be achieved by implementing the IValidator interface.

Here's a sample:

package com.hgdn.gmsc.extensions;
public class SampleClientValidationHandler implements IValidator
       public List<ValidationError> validate(List<PersistenceElement> elements)
              List<ValidationError> validationErrors  = new ArrayList<ValidationError>();
              Feature featureToEdit = ((EditPlugin) ApplicationContext.getPluginCurator().getByName("EditPlugin")).getEditSettings().getFeature();
              if(elements.size() == 0 || !featureToEdit.getName().equals("FeatureName"))
                     return validationErrors;
                     validationErrors.add(new ValidationError("Only one element may be saved using this workflow", true));
       return validationErrors;


IValidator is following the Service Loader Pattern. This means that you have to create a file und META-INF/services: com.intergraph.web.plugin.edit.validation.IValidator and add your instance using package name + class name: com.hgdn.gmsc.extensions.SampleClientValidationHandler




The above sample first checks if a certain feature is active and if so, validates if only one element has been modified.


Hope this helps

Posts: 28
Registered: ‎11-04-2015

Re: Offline WF - maximum elemements



it looks good. I will forwarrd it to develepor.