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PSS Get all features from a FC



I'm trying to get all features from a specific FC in a PSS service but the result is always the same: none of the features that exists are returned. It always return empty [].



$GP.edit.features.find({featureClassId: "FeatureClass1", mapStateId: 'map', featureIds: [], mapServiceId: 'a6d1-afdd-ac9a-e359'}, function(result){console.log(result.features);}, function(){console.log('Error executing action!');})


Also if I try to obtain it without $GP the result is the same:



Any hint about this issues?





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Re: PSS Get all features from a FC

[ Edited ]

Hi Antonio,


First of all, $GP.edit.features.find() is not used for getting all features. It is used for getting a certain feature by some ID. If you want to get all the features, you should rather use e.g. exportFeatureCollections. This code works fine for me:


   definitionName: "PersonalStorage",
   name: "PSS1"
}, function (result1) {
      mapServiceId: result1.mapServiceId
   }, function (result2) {
      var fIds = result2.featureClassIds;
      //console.log("Feature Class Ids:");

         mapServiceId: result1.mapServiceId,
         featureClassIds: fIds
      }, function (res) {
         console.log("Features Returned:");
      }, function (err) {
   }, function (err2) {
}, function (err3) {


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