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Personal Storage Service

As an Administrator on a Geospatial Portal 2015 site I've setup a Personal Storage Service to allow users to capture areas using the edit tools within the default workspace for the portal instance. I understand that any areas drawn by other users against this service are not saved outside their current session, unless the user saves a User Map.


I have the following questions about the Personal Storage Service:


  1. Are any objects stored through a personal storage service persisted on the web server disk? I can't find any files under ..\<InstanceName>\App_Data\Maps that are storing the configuration of the Personal Storage Service I've created. It looks like the entire configuration and objects of a Personal Storage Services are saved in the workspace or map file.
  2. Are there any known issues with saving Personal Storage Service objects in a User Map? Since rolling out this functionality to around 10 users of the portal they encounter issues where the saved objects do not load correctly when they display their map in a new session.
  3. The users are also creating Annotations and saving them against this Personal Storage Service, the annotations regularly do not display after saving and displaying a User Map in a new session. 

Has anyone seen the above issues before?





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Re: Personal Storage Service

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Hi Colin,


  1. The content of PSS is not stored on the server until a user saves the map. Then the feature class definitions and geometries are persisted in user's map file. e.g. ..\Instances\<Portal>\App_Data\Maps\private\48a3de3c-c6d4-4269-a7ad-03fc461cd3c9\maps
  2. If more than one users share the same map (published by administrator) then it might happen that the map file gets corrupted. But I'm not aware of particular logs targeting such problem. This is a matter of tests.
  3. For me this worked fine in my quick test:
    • I created a PSS, went right to inserting of Annotations and Markers.
    • Then I saved the map, got link and tried to display it in another anonymous browser session.
    • I could see all markers and annotations together with correct symbology.



Jan Neumann
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Hexagon Geospatial

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Re: Personal Storage Service

Hi all, 


There are issues with using annotations in Geospatial Portal Ep04 (haven't fullly tested with EP05), we suspect something wrong with calling the library path from the client side and server side, so the editing and saving don't work properly. Try to print a map with annotations on it, we observe that the first one will disappear on the print image or occasionally all annotions disappear.


Kind regards,