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Regular Contributor
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Registered: ‎07-27-2016

Portal SDK Data Capturing

Hi Guys/Girls,


I am looking for some tips regarding capturing data in Portal SDK.

The Idea is to create a unique (Name) service for each individual to add to their portal instance to capture data to.

This data will be stores in separate tables (Service will be based on individual tables)

Each individual will only be able to see the data from there service but could decide to share this service url with others to view or edit.


The feature windows for capturing data in portal would have been nice except for the fact that one cannot implement a selectable combo box with options.


S0 my questions is as follows.


  1. What is the best service source to use? (WMS, WFS ... etc)
  2. What is the best method regarding data capturing in Portal, I know one can use Standalone workflows but if memory serves me correct it can only be used with a fixed database connection and I do not want to create a bunch of duplicate standalone workflows with different database connections.


I am looking forward to hear your input.


Kind Regards