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Portal SDK and PDF plotting using GraphMagick

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I have installed Graphmagick and am adding the portalprinting service

                url: "http://cthse-gis/PortalPrintingService/PortalPrintService.svc",
                definitionName: "Printing",
                id: "printMap"
            }, function (result) {
                $ + " [" + result.msId + "]");

in my custom SDK code and can produce pdf files successfully using the XAML template files.   I see that the sample XAML template file knows xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax (the corners of the graph get labeled with these values) and the map scale.  They appear to be passed as arguments in the URL.   Is it possible to pass other information?  I would like to pass a string of text that is dynamically generated for display in a table on the plot output.  (It is generated from attribute values in database of highlighted feature)  


Also can i remove the print button and trigger printing from a custom toolbar command?  My workflow is Enter a Parcel Number on a custom form, zoom and highight parcel, display table of parcel info (this part is done) and then make a PDF of the displayed map with the attribute information displayed along with the maginalia.  When i trigger the printing i would like to send the XAML file the string containing the attribute information that i want displayed. 


I've attacjed a screenshot of the plot i can currently make - the table of parcel info was pasted in  on the printing form in the  Text="{Binding Parameters.[parcelnfo]}" fill lin field.




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Re: Portal SDK and PDF plotting using GraphMagick

Hi Jane,


You can try to benefit from a custom snapshot page for printing:



Jan Neumann
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