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Regular Contributor
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Registered: ‎05-01-2016

Problem loading SDK 16.5.0207 in Visual Studio 2013 - Application.csproj IIS error

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I unzipped the portal sdk package from the SDK 16.5.0207 zip for a project and all went fine in being able to open the project with Visual Studio.

Now for another project on a different completely unrelated machine i am getting an error when i try to open the identical unzipped package.

The error i get is that Application shows up with (Load Failed) in the Solution Explorer and in the error list I get


D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\portalSDK\src\Application\Application.csproj : error : The Web Application Project Application is configured to use IIS. The Web server 'http://localhost/PortalSDK' could not be found.


I've googled this error message and it says to run Visual Studio as Administrator (I am) and that components may need installation.

However on this same machine where i am having the problem, I can open my older versions of the SDK with no problem.

I have the latest 16.5 versions of GeoMedia and GeoMedia Webmap installed and they are working fine.  I have the 3 folders (build, lib, and src freshly unzipped with no changes made to any of the files) in the folder and i am opening PortalSDKApplication.sln.


I've never had this problem on any machine before and I've done this many times.  I feel like I might be doing something dumb but can't think what!


Any suggestions?  THANKS!

Regular Contributor
Posts: 253
Registered: ‎05-01-2016

Re: Problem loading SDK 16.5.0207 in Visual Studio 2013 - Application.csproj IIS error

Iin Application.csproj there is code:











I had to change the UseIIS from True to False (as it was in my old Application.csproj files)


I found it by adding the new on top of the step by step til it broke…

I don't know why this didn't cause problem on other projects on other machines.....