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Reg : GeoSpatial portal analysis Filter - GetValues request


Is there any way to get the list of possible values for an attribute in analysis using DescribeFeatureType of WFS?

Currenly all the distinct values are populated by sending a GetFeature request.

We are plaaning to add attribute's distinct values in DescribeFeatureType itself, so dont need to send to GetFeature request again for possible values

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Re: Reg : GeoSpatial portal analysis Filter - GetValues request

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This is probably out of scope of Portal SDK but I think it can be easily answered.

DescribeFeatureType cannot list all available attributes as that would be against its meaning. It should only display valid attribute names and types.


I think that GetFeature with a suitable Query is the only correct option, sample to get only NAME attribute values:

<wfs:GetFeature xmlns:wfs="" version="2.0.0" 
service="WFS" xmlns:gmgml="" count="4000"> <wfs:Query typeNames="gmgml:LODZ_MODERNIZATION_AREAS" srsName="EPSG:3857"> <wfs:PropertyName xmlns="">
</wfs:PropertyName> </wfs:Query> </wfs:GetFeature>
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